At Morgan Sons Civils and Groundworks foundations are a daily task for our skilled ground workers providing essential footings for houses, apartment blocks or commercial units. We ensure that the resulting structure is stable and is correctly positioned according to approved site plans. Our foundation work encloses all aspects from the important setting out stage, designating a foundation’s exacting boundaries and surface area right through to excavations and oversites that finish foundations off ready for bricklayers to start work.

Whether it is a Trench Fill, Strip Foundations, Raft or Mat Foundations, Pile Foundations or Drilled Shaft Foundations that are required we have the skills and knowledge to execute the excavations and construct to technical specifications. Ensuring the depths, diameters and trench type comply to building regulation best practice and adhere with local authority planning.


Your foundation type has already been selected in the previous step. This process for regular foundations will require your engineer deciding what kind of foundation system you will use, including specifying what kind of concrete and reinforcing material for the foundation. Specialist bases, such as piles or insulated ones, will be contracted out to a specialist company, which will have its own engineer make the specifications for you. Custom-built foundations will be able to be checked by specialist engineers on site.

Your certifier (this can be your engineer) will have the controlled-ancillary building inspection (NI) and your building inspector (this may either be your job director or inspector) check this part of the building. Concrete will often be ordered directly to a site; depending on operation, the flashing lights on the semi truck and truck may make it difficult to reach the area. In these circumstances, you will require a pump extension to be rented separately. Steel counterculture is actually rebar, which can be obtained from the building designer. A one-time foundation is laid followed by per your construction engineer’s guideline for subfloor and to be contingent on ground stability, bar or mesh is suggested.

The groundman needs to install piping for the kitchen and toilet waste, through which the heating hose and the blower for the extractor hob will ventilate, and waste pipes for the washing machine on the subfloor, along with the water pump and tap for laundering the room. All these, along with the nearby plumber and electrician, will be part of your plans, but as likewise advise them.


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