We specialize in the installation of ducting and pipework for civil and residential projects. We can manage the water mains installation process from start to finish, using the latest technology to work non-invasively wherever possible and minimise disruption for the people who use your property. We can also install water mains systems for new builds.


We make sure your water in your building is smooth and free from issues, potentially helping with leak detection, repairing and managing water system infrastructure, designing and installing water treatment centre and maintaining it. We are a premier classification adventure Repair and Rehabilitation Contractor that utilizes trenchless technologies alongside complimentary passing solutions meeting the needs of the global marketplace. These solutions support the use of directional drilling, pipe bursting, slip-lining, and auger boring.

If you require water line installation or are wanting to switch to a traditional plumbing system, we will handle your plumbing needs in the greater Dublin area. Offering: 1. Top of the line tools 2. Expert contractors and technicians To learn more, feel free to call us today! Whatever your plumbing fabrication needs, Morgan & Sons has everything, the knowledge, and resources to be able to install all the different kinds of piping you could need. Only the most innovative techniques are used for pipe installation and setup to ensure a quick and efficient installation.

Water Supply Repair

One of our emergency specialists is ready to pay a visit to your residence or business, if a leak or a burst occurs in your pipes. Our specialists explicitly consider the weather, as hurricanes and other severe weather conditions can have an adverse impact on its pipes. Freezing weather can cause pipes to burst and trigger all or a considerable portion of the water supply to stop. Our experts at Morgan & Sons specialise in plumbing repairs, with a stated goal of minimising property damage or inconvenience to property occupants. Our fast, friendly, and reliable service provides exceptional peace of mind.


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